Austin Classical Guitar Youth Ensembles

Bringing together passionate young guitarists from all over our city to collaborate, refine, and share unforgettable musical experiences, ACG’s Youth Ensembles are open by audition to any classical guitarist under 19 years of age.

We’ll study a range of exciting music, and develop ensemble skills, musical expression, and beautiful tone. We strive to create a welcoming environment where members find joy and belonging through challenge, success, and performance.

Membership in the ensembles is an annual commitment running from August to April, and includes weekly rehearsals and multiple performances.

Introducing A New Ensemble

In addition to the ACG Youth Orchestra, we are excited to introduce the brand-new ACG Youth Camerata for young guitarists who are just beginning to play in an ensemble setting.

Interested in joining an ensemble? Click here for the audition requirements and sign-up form.

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