Tickets for Good

Tickets for Good is an initiative designed to help non-profit organizations and public schools raise money by partnering with ACG for concerts in our International Series. It’s simple: When a ticket purchaser enters the name of the partnering organization or school in the notes section of their order form, ACG will donate 100% of the proceeds from that sale to the partner. 

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Additional Information 

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey ACG organized a benefit event called Hope After Harvey. The event raised $37,500 in four days, after which ACG sent a check for the full amount for hurricane disaster relief in Houston. It felt good! So we thought, why not do this all the time? Why not use the world-class events we produce to benefit charitable causes, especially for organizations that don’t have social and artistic events regularly built into their service model? Tickets For Good (TFG) was born, and we’ve already raised over $50,000 for our charitable partners.

How does it work? Approved 501c3 partner organizations (apply above) share promotional information we provide with friends and supporters about an upcoming ACG concert. Friends and supporters buy tickets, enjoy a nice night of music together, and then ACG sends all the money to the partner organization.

TFG benefits non-religious and non-political 501(c)3 charitable organizations and public school art or music programs. There will be no more than five TFG participating organizations for any single ACG event. ACG Ticket buyers may designate a TFG recipient only if that organization is one of the current partnering organizations for the event being attended. At its discretion, ACG may choose to limit the number of times an organization can participate in TFG to once within a single concert season (fiscal year), once within a calendar year, or place any other limitations it wishes. ACG reserves the right to select or refuse any Partner Organization for any reason without explanation, and is the sole arbiter for TFG partnerships.

100% of each assigned ticket purchase (less credit card fees) will be donated back to the charity via check within 4-6 weeks of the concert. Patron donations added beyond ticket orders will be considered donations to ACG.