The Lullaby Project

Strengthening bonds with music, imagination, and love.

My Baby Princess Lullaby
By Trimonisha, with Joey Delahoussaye and Claire Puckett

When I met Trimonisha one of the first things she told me was that she and her six year old daughter Miracle had a tradition of lighting candles, drawing a bubble bath and putting on their “relaxation music.” She let me into her world and allowed me to help her turn tears, joy and most of all her truth into a song that she and Miracle might one day listen to at their next bubble bath reunion.

Trimonisha, thank you for putting your trust in me, someone that you didn’t really have a reason to trust. I hope you can take the bright spirit you showed to me and continue living it out in a world that hasn’t always been good to you.

 – Joey Delahoussaye, ACG Lullaby Project Clinician


Dr. Ted Held, OB/GYN faculty at UT Dell Medical School and Director of Reproductive Health at People’s Community Clinic wrote:

“A lifetime of financial and emotion stressors is highly correlated with preterm birth, low birth weight babies, and poor maternal bonding…Through The Lullaby Project, Austin Classical Guitar provides a unique and powerful intervention for pregnant women in challenging circumstances to have positive and creative engagement creating original lullabies that express their love, hopes and dreams for their babies. These engagements can improve women’s social and emotional health which is an area of increasing concern for medical professionals…”

ACG partnered with Carnegie Hall in 2014 to bring the Carnegie-designed Lullaby Project to Austin. The program pairs musicians with new and expectant mothers in challenging circumstances to write and record original lullabies for their babies. Local program partners for this rapidly growing service area include People’s Community Clinic, Annunciation Maternity Home, Any Baby Can, and Travis County Jail.


My Angel Noah
By Chelsea, with Travis Marcum and Claire Puckett

We met Chelsea at Annunciation Maternity Home in Spring 2016. At 17 years old, Chelsea wanted to write a lullaby for her son that would both communicate the hardships she had faced in her life and the unconditional love she will have for Noah always. Working with Claire Puckett of Austin band Mother Falcon and Travis Marcum, Chelsea composed a beautiful lullaby that expresses her honest love and a promise to always be there for her son. Just one week after this song was recorded, Chelsea gave birth to her son Noah and was able to sing him this lullaby for the first time.


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