Austin Area Classical Guitar Teacher List

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Teacher Style(s) Area Lesson Location Phone Email/Website
Joshua Aguilar Classical, Fingerstyle, Rock San Marcos, Kyle, New Braunfels Hays Childbloom 130 W. Holland St. San Marcos, TX 78666 915-228-7807 Email
Alex Ballentine Classical, Jazz, Acoustic, Electric Downtown Eastside Music 512-658-0656 Email
Sean Behrens Classical, Suzuki for children, Electric Northwest Hills, Armstrong Community Music School Studio 512-445-9564 Email; Website
Angelica Campbell Classical North Central & South Austin Arranged with student 512-589-0861 Email
Hugh Chandler Classical, Rock, Jazz, Improvisation, Theory, Composition South Private Studio 512-963-7300 Email
Paul Clancy Classical, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, and more NW Austin Private Studio 512-680-1657 Email
Andrew Clark Classical North Central Koenig/Lamar 512-810-8483 Email
Jeremy Coleman Classical and Adaptive for Special Needs Children Northwest Learn Guitar Austin 512-925-3119 Email
Thomas Echols Classical, Jazz/Bebop, Composition, Music Theory, Algorithmic Composition, Sound Design, Synthesis, and Electronic Music Production South Austin Home Studio 323-898-7717 Email
Jake Farr Classical, Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues, Country South Farr Guitar Studio 806-781-2646 Email
Josh Gilpin
Classical, Blues, Rock, Folk, Fingerstyle, Theory NW Austin, Pflugerville ATX Guitar Lessons 512-470-6908 Email
Byron Goble Classical South, Central Home Studio 979-267-0842 Email; Website
Janet Grohovac Classical, Folk UT, North Studio, UT Campus 646-831-9558 Email; Website
Scott Horton Classical, Lute and all others Central, Online Lessons Armstrong Community School 512-474-2331 Email
Chad Ibison Classical, Arrangement/Transcription, Improv, Theory, Songwriting, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Metal, Shred,  Folk, Country, and Pop North, Central, South Blackerby Stage and Studio; Private Studio, In-Home 713-894-2995 Email; Website
Alejandro Pais Iriart Flamenco North Central Austin (78756 Zipcode) Home Studio 505-450-9553 Email
Steve Kostelnik, DMA Classical Northwest Hills Home Studio 512-659-7912 Email
John Kramer Classical South and West Austin Private Studio 512-917-5767 Email
Stephen Krishnan Classical, Folk, Rock, Music Theory North Austin Home Studio 763-607-7773 Email; Website
Anthony Mariano Classical Hyde Park, North Campus Studio, UT Campus 505-269-7810 Email
Giovanni Mera Classical, Jazz, Rock, Improv, and Fret Harmony Central, UT Home, Studio, UT 516-316-3080 Email
Luciano Monaco Classical 100% Online Lessons 857-316-8197 Email; Website
Jay Myers Classical Wimberley Home Studio or Arranged with Student 512-693-7703 Email
Tony Morris Classical, Music Theory, Solfeggio, Advanced Rhythmic training/percussion/drumset Hyde Park/Central  Hyde Park 512-657-1400 Email
Joseph Palmer Classical, Popular, Folk, Music Theory & Skills North Central Austin (near The Domain) Home Studio 972-816-4869 Email
Eric Peterson Classical, Finger Style San Marcos Home Studio 760-586-7618 Email
John Pinno Classical, Guitar and Soprano Voice Temple Temple 254-770-0625 Email
Jose Juan Poyatos Joyanes Classical, Flamenco, Fingerpicking, In Person and Online Lessons” Round Rock, Pflugerville, North-Central and South Austin Determined with Student 512-300-7307 Email
CJ Renzi Classical, Rock Round Rock, North Austin 100% Online lessons 713-380-7470 Email; Website
Carlos Rios Classical, Pop, Rock, and Composition Online Lessons 956-774-1727 Email
Javier Saucedo
Classical & Metal Kyle, TX Home Studio 512-761-2144 Email
Scott Simon
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary West Lake Hills Private Studio 512-410-9622 Email; Website
Eric Slavin
Classical, Guitar for Kids, Composition, Theory, Rhythm Training, Argentinian Folk Music, Solfege, Transcribing and Arranging for Guitar North Central Austin, Brushy Creek Municipal Utilities District Home Studio 512-549-1167 Email
Klondike Steadman Classical Central Orpheus Academy 512-231-8999 Email
Bryan Sunderman Classical, Jazz, Rock and Blues, Bluegrass North, Central, Cedar Park Redeemer Lutheran, Live Oak Unitarian, UT, Armstrong Community Music School 512-689-2615 Email
Kevin Taylor Specializing in children 5 and up Central Austin/Round Rock Childbloom Guitar Studios 512-452-8765 Email; Website
Slobodan Vujisic Classical Northwest, Studio, Cedar Park NW Austin/Cedar Park 512-983-0600 Email; Website
Dr. Joseph Williams II Classical, Composition Northwest Private Studio 505-507-9979 Email
Arnold Yzaguirre Classical and Basic Guitar North Austin Private Studio 512-368-0520 Email

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