Austin Area Classical Guitar Teacher List

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Teacher Style(s) Area Lesson Location Phone Email/Website
Joshua Aguilar Classical, Fingerstyle, Rock San Marcos, Kyle, New Braunfels Arranged with student 915-228-7807 Email
Alex Ballentine Classical, Jazz, Acoustic, Electric Downtown Eastside Music 512-658-0656 Email
Sean Behrens Classical, Suzuki for children, Electric Northwest Hills, Armstrong Community Music School Studio 512-445-9564 Email; Website
Hugh Chandler Classical, Rock, Jazz, Improvisation, Theory, Composition North Private Studio 512-963-7300 Email
Paul Clancy Classical, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, and more NW Austin Private Studio 512-680-1657 Email
Andrew Clark Classical North Central Koenig/Lamar 512-810-8483 Email
Jeremy Coleman Classical and Adaptive for Special Needs Children Northwest Learn Guitar Austin 512-925-3119 Email
Thomas Echols Classical North, Central, Westlake Home Studio 323-898-7717 Email
Jake Farr Classical, Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues, Country South Farr Guitar Studio 806-781-2646 Email
Jeffrey Fratus Classical, Rock, Folk North Austin Studio 865-335-2406 Email
Josh Gilpin
Classical, Blues, Rock, Folk, Fingerstyle, Theory North, Round Rock ATX Guitar Lessons 512-470-6908 Email
Byron Goble Classical South, Central Home Studio 979-267-0842 Email
Janet Grohovac Classical, Folk UT, North Studio, UT Campus 646-831-9558 Email; Website
Mike Harris Classical, Popular, Rock, Electric, Folk North By Arrangement 512-906-0691 Email; Website
Matthew Hinsley Classical 45th & Mopac Studio 512-420-0542 Email
Scott Horton Classical, Lute and all others Central Armstrong Community School 512-474-2331 Email
Chad Ibison Classical, Arrangement/Transcription, Improv, Theory, Songwriting, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Metal, Shred,  Folk, Country, and Pop North, Central, South Blackerby Stage and Studio; Private Studio, In-Home 713-894-2995 Email; Website
Alejandro Pais Iriart Flamenco North Central Austin (78756 Zipcode) Home Studio 505-450-9553 Email
Celil Rafik Kaya Classical Guitar, Composition for Guitar, Arrangement for Guitar, Transcription for Guitar. Turkish style Oud, Rebab, Far West Private Studio-Wood Hollow Dr. 347-424-2167 Email; Website
Steve Kostelnik, DMA Classical Northwest Hills Home Studio 512-659-7912 Email
John Kramer Classical Clarksville, Central, Westlake Private Studio 512-917-5767 Email
Stephen Krishnan Classical, Folk, Rock, Music Theory Southwest/Circle C, Central, and North Austin Home Studio 763-607-7773 Email; Website
Gustavo Alonso López Flamenco East Austin Private Home Studio 512-888-6557 Email; Website
David Marsden Classical & Jazz Central Studio 512-947-5078 Email; Website
Lilit Mardiyen Classical Central, North Private Studio 203-908-6381 Email
Anthony Mariano Classical Hyde Park, North Campus Studio, UT Campus 505-269-7810 Email
Steven Martinez
Classical, Introductory Jazz, Folk, Rock, Funk, Theory, Recording, Blues, Metal Round Rock, In student’s home En Fuego Entertainment/Set with student 512-270-8812 Email; Website
Robert McManmon Classical, Folk, Jazz, Popular Austin In-home lesssons (Free Trial Lesson) 315-314-3167 Email
Giovanni Mera Classical, Jazz Central, UT Home, Studio, UT 516-316-3080 Email
Luciano Monaco Classical Central Home Studio 857-316-8197 Email
Jay Myers Classical Wimberley Home Studio or Arranged with Student 512-693-7703 Email
Tony Morris Classical, Music Theory, Solfeggio, Advanced Rhythmic training/percussion/drumset Hyde Park/Central  Hyde Park 512-657-1400 Email
Jeremy Osborne Classical, Rock, Pop, Metal, Improv Central Home Studio 512-567-4698 Email
Joseph Palmer Classical 53rd & Airport Home Studio 972-816-4869 Email
Eric Pearson Classical Northwest Austin Northwest Austin Email
Eric Peterson Classical, Finger Style San Marcos Home Studio 760-586-7618 Email
John Pinno Classical Temple Temple 254-770-0625 Email
Jose Juan Poyatos Joyanes Classical, Flamenco Central Determined with Student 512-300-7307 Email
Thomas Ray Classical, Rock, Shred, Bluegrass, Blues, Bass, Theory Greater Austin Velocity Music Academy, Don’t Stop Rockin, in home or private studio lessons also available 440-364-0375 Email
CJ Renzi Classical, Rock Round Rock, North Austin 100% Online lessons 713-380-7470 Email; Website
Carlos Rios Classical, Pop, Rock, and Composition Southwest/Oak Hill Private Studio or In-home 956-774-1727 Email
Toby Rodriguez Classical, Rock, Pop Central Determined with Student Email
Javier Saucedo
Classical & Metal Kyle, TX Home Studio 512-761-2144 Email
Gabriel Santiago
Classical, Brazilian, Jazz North Austin Home Studio 512-750-0245 Email
Scott Simon
Classical, Jazz, Contemporary West lake Hills, Clavier-Werke School of Music, Home Studio 512-410-9622 Email
Eric Slavin
Classical, Guitar for Kids, Composition, Theory, Rhythm Training, Argentinian Folk Music, Solfege, Transcribing and Arranging for Guitar North Central Austin Home Studio 512-549-1167 Email
Klondike Steadman Classical Central Orpheus Academy 512-231-8999 Email
Douglas Stefaniak III Classical, Pop North, Central Flexible 518-729-9191 Email
Bryan Sunderman Classical, Jazz, Rock and Blues, Bluegrass North, Central, Cedar Park Redeemer Lutheran, Live Oak Unitarian, UT, Armstrong Community Music School 512-689-2615 Email
Kevin Taylor Specializing in children 5 and up Central Austin/Round Rock Childbloom Guitar Studios 512-452-8765 Email; Website
Hector Vasquez Classical, Flamenco North, Central Austin Home Studio 512-484-9803 Email
Slobodan Vujisic Classical Northwest, Studio, Cedar Park NW Austin/Cedar Park 512-983-0600 Email; Website
Dr. Joseph Williams II Classical, Composition Northwest Private Studio 505-507-9979 Email
Arnold Yzaguirre Classical and Basic Guitar North Austin Private Studio 512-368-0520 Email

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