Classical Cactus

Classical Cactus is our series at The University of Texas’s historic Cactus Café. Featuring a full bar with artists announcing their programs from the stage, this is our most relaxed series! Each evening features two artists, ticket giveaways, and fantastic music. Sip, relax, enjoy!



Thursday, May 5th at 8pm
Cactus Café, UT Campus $10

We’re thrilled to welcome creative flamenco guitarist Juanito Pascual back to the Cactus Café stage for the final show of our 2015-16 Classical Cactus season. With his inventive original compositions, and deeply soulful musicianship, this will be a perfect evening to sip, relax, and enjoy. Our show begins at 8pm with super-talented composer and guitarist Mark Cruz, Professor of Guitar at Texas State University.

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