If you have wanted to support ACGS and have not had a chance, or if you’d like to help us pursue our mission even more, here is an exciting special opportunity.

Beginning Monday at 7PM, for 24 hours, we are part of I Live Here, I Give Here’s Amplify Austin when Central Texans will come together online to raise $1 million for area nonprofit organizations – including ACGS!

How can you help?

Between Monday at 7 and Tuesday at 7, follow this link to our page and give!

Louise Epstein & John Henry McDonald are our ambassadors for this wonderful event.  Join them to help us reach more diverse students, support more artists, and present greater and more diverse musical experiences in our community!

Why now?

Amplify Austin has arranged for matching funds during this drive time.  So any dollars given will go even farther.  There are even big prizes given to nonprofits for everything from most dollars raised in a given hour, to most donors overall, to most gifts before Monday at midnight!